If you want to make your garden more water wise, interesting and low maintenance, look no further than decorative stone in different size and colours. Popular garden stone makes a hard wearing ground cover and is an attractive alternative to grass areas. Garden stone can be used for pathways outdoor sitting areas and as well as shady areas where there is no grass growth under trees where grass and other plants wont grow. If you choose the right colour and size the decorative stone can also enhance the look of your garden.

Our topsoil is good quality Bainsvlei soil with no rubble and rocks. Best product for your garden to cover and fill. Topsoil are also used for garden, dressing of grass as well as potting soil.

We have developed a 50% mixture between river sand and red soil specific for clay areas to keep the soil loose and to approve water drainage. This mixture also proof to do wonders for the lawn as the loose soil promotes lawn growth and root establishment.

Our unique compost for gardens consist of a mixture of chicken manure and sawdust which are first sundried and then logged in plastic loop for the convience of the client. The chicken manure are obtained from a chicken farm in the Dealesville district and are weed free.